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5 Ways To Save Money On Health Insurance

Save Money On Health Insurance
Save Money On Health Insurance

There are various ways you can save money on health insurance. Health coverage is vitally important – helping protect you financially should any unforeseen circumstance arise, like getting hit by a bus or contracting an expensive disease – and there are programs and discounts available that can help save you money on health care premiums. You might think you spend too little to receive significant discounts; but the reality may surprise you!

No matter your budget for coverage, there are ways you can reduce premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses to save money on health insurance premiums and costs. As healthcare costs can be prohibitive, taking measures now rather than waiting until something serious has happened is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while keeping expenses at a manageable level. Here are some strategies for saving on health insurance:

Ways To Save Money On Health Insurance

1) Change Your Insurance Provider

If your employer provides health insurance as a tax-free benefit, but that doesn’t guarantee it’s the best solution for your wallet. When considering switching providers, keep in mind that doing so might involve another medical exam and underwriting process due to your employer’s insurer having their subscriber database kept privately.

Change your insurance provider
Change your insurance provider

Most plans require you to meet certain income criteria to be eligible for coverage; if this applies to you, and your employer’s coverage doesn’t fit, then look into purchasing one through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

2) Negotiate Your Prices With Providers

Health insurance providers possess an immense amount of data on what treatments and procedures cost in the marketplace. Since they foot the bill for certain procedures, they know exactly how much each provider charges them for each procedure – you can use this knowledge when going in for treatment, as many providers will give cash prices that are lower than they bill your insurer.

Negotiate your prices with providers
Negotiate your prices with providers

Your options for paying the difference yourself or negotiating a lower rate with your provider include either paying yourself, or trying to negotiate for a reduced price. When dealing with hospitals or large medical providers, don’t be intimidated to push for better deals; your ability to change pricing of services you receive lies within you!

3) Check If You’re Eligible For Government Assistance

Check if you’re eligible for government assistance
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Government programs may help reduce your health insurance payments. While not health insurance plans themselves, these programs can assist you in finding an affordable plan. If your income falls within eligibility guidelines for Medicaid – a government-funded health care plan specifically targeting people with lower income. You could also check if you qualify for tax credits on premiums; depending on income and whether or not you have children this amount could vary significantly; The Affordable Care Act created two such tax credits called Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) and Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR).

4) Shop Around And Compare Prices

Shop around and compare prices
Shop around and compare prices

Health insurance providers are in fierce competition to attract customers, offering an array of plans and options. Be sure to compare plans from various providers – both through the Health Insurance Marketplace as well as direct quotes from private insurance companies – before choosing one; just keep in mind that with government-funded programs you may only be eligible for one at any given time if it has the lowest premium and may need to stay with it throughout the year if choosing one with lower premium.

5) Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

Health insurance is an invaluable way to prepare for unexpected circumstances, but it cannot prevent diseases from developing. You can, however, reduce your healthcare needs by maintaining good health; there are various steps you can take such as eating right, exercising regularly and refraining from substances such as tobacco and heroin that will all help increase longevity and wellbeing.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle
Commit to a healthy lifestyle

Health insurance providers strive to keep their customers healthy by rewarding subscribers who take good care of themselves with lower out-of-pocket costs. Some providers may provide you with a discounted out-of-pocket costs if you complete a health risk assessment; other may provide discounts if you participate in one and follow its recommendations.

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Health insurance can be an invaluable way of protecting yourself against unexpected events like being hit by a bus or contracting an expensive disease. Though coverage is essential, paying too much can quickly add up; there are ways you can save money with your health policy.

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