This Korean Yoga Instructor Is Going Viral – These 15 Photographs Show Precisely Why

After seeing this perfect yoga educator, you’ll need to pursue classes as quickly as possible.

After seeing these photographs, you’ll comprehend the reason why yoga ace Lee Yuju has been moving in Korea for her extraordinary ability, athletic body, and flawless face!

Cosmo Girl 

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Lee Yuju has caught the attention of major magazines and was featured in Cosmopolitan.

Intense concentration

Yoga exercises the body, but it also exercises the mind and soul. Lee Yuju focuses her energy while stretching her legs, back, and hips.

She can defy gravity!

Lee Yuju proves her yoga mastery with this incredibly challenging, gravity-defying pose.

Forearm Stand

Lee Yuju’s jaw-dropping forearm stands highlight her full-body strength and athletic figure.

Such a cute face too!

She’s talented and strong with a sexy physique, but Lee Yuju also has an adorable, youthful face!

Turning exercise into art

Lee Yuju transforms into a living sculpture when she performs this artistic yoga pose.

Tricky pose

This pose requires strength, balance, flexibility, and focus!

This pose is harder than it looks.

Lee Yuju’s flexibility is just incredible. This full leg stretch would make many gym-goers want to cry!

Back Tattoo

Lee Yuju proudly shows off her tattoos both at home and in public. Her sexy, upper back tattoo peeks out around the straps of her workout shirt.

Hip Tattoo

In Korea, many people still frown on tattoos, but this gorgeous gal proves just how beautiful tattoos can be! The words on Lee Yuju’s skin pour over her hip like calligraphy.

Balance exercises

In yoga, balance is key. Good balance doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but Lee Yuju makes this challenging pose look easy!

Leopard Leotard

Lee Yuju flaunts her fantastic figure in this skintight, leopard print leotard. 

Hamstring Stretches 

Lee Yuju keeps her legs limber by performing this sexy hamstring stretch.

Back Stretches

The less adaptable you are, the harder yoga will be! Lee Yuju further develops her backs adaptability by adjusting on her shins while she comes to back for her lower legs.

Warming Up

Lee Yuju stretches out her strong, toned legs before starting her yoga class.