The Yoga Lifestyle All Over The World – Get Inspired By Yoga Performers

A year prior, I went on a round-the-world excursion, during which I visited 28 nations and took fascinating photographs of individuals rehearsing yoga in surprising spots.

Through my photograph series, I needed to show delightful individuals from the large urban communities who are focused on yoga theory and yoga way of life; individuals, who live in the center of a hustle however figure out how to keep up with their agreement and satisfaction. It doesn’t make any difference what is encompassing you. The main thing – is the way you take a gander at everything around you.

The movement photography project called “Yoga and the City” consolidates workmanship, otherworldliness, and wellness. These delightful photographs are an impression of an individual’s solidarity and power. Solidarity to defeat difficulties and to track down an equilibrium while living in a quick moving climate. Yoga – is a method for tracking down arrangement with your actual self, to turn out to be nearer deeply.



1 Maldives

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Los Angeles, USA

New York, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Barcelona, Spain

Moscow, Russia

10 Moscow, Russia

11 New York, USA

12 Los Angeles, USA

13 New York, USA

14 Marseille, France

15 New York, USA

16 New York, USA

17 Maldives

18 Paris, France

19 Miami, USA

20 Los Angeles, USA

21 Seul, South Korea

22 Seul, South Korea

23 Los Angeles, USA

24 Seul, South Korea

25 Jersey City, USA

26 New York, USA

27 Uyuni, Bolivia

28 New York, USA

29 Chiang Mai, Thailand

30 Santiago, Chile

31 Tokyo, Japan

32 Melbourne, Australia

33 Los Angeles, USA

34 Bali, Indonesia

35 Singapore, Singapore

36 Melbourne, Australia

37 Santiago, Chile

38 New York, USA

39 Los Angeles, USA

40 New York, USA

41 Moscow, Russia

42 Nice, France

43 Los Angeles, USA

44 Singapore

45 Los Angeles, USA

46 New York, USA

47 New York, USA

48 Moscow, Russia

49 Chiang Mai

50 France

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