how to stop nail biting

How To Stop Nail Biting

Looking for how to stop nail biting? Nail biting, also known as onychophagia in medical terms, is a widespread oral compulsive behaviour in both children and adults. Nail biting can develop into a serious condition that is difficult to overcome.

Boredom, tension, loneliness, anxiety, and irritation are all factors that can lead to nail-biting.

Nail biting could be sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), bedwetting, or separation anxiety disorder.

Damage to the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin are all negative results of nail-biting.
It’s also possible that the teeth will be harmed.
Embarrassing nails can contribute to anxiety and tension.
Your nails might expose you to bacteria and illnesses.
It’s also worth noting that biting your nails is socially inappropriate and may give others the wrong impression of you.

It is usually worthy to notice that nail biting is socially unacceptable and should give others flawed impression about you.

When coping with nail-biting, consider the following ideas and best practices:

Instead of biting your nails, you may carry bottle of water with you to sip.

You can use imagination to see yourself with healthy, strong nails.

You can also eat gum to assist prevent you from chewing your nails.

Stress and anxiety enhance the desire and chance of biting your nails, so try to reduce them in your life.

Below are numerous methods on how to stop nail biting;

1. Put on Synthetic Nails

how to stop nail biting

Synthetic nails are the everlasting treatment to nail-biting. Making an attempt to chunk them will be likened to gnawing by a toothpaste tube. Even when you handle to chunk it off, it’s not one thing you need to swallow. Examples of the bogus nails out there embody wraps, acrylics, and press-on nails. You too can use them to cowl the already bitten nails in a trendy means.

2. Preserve Your Nails Quick

For the reason that nails are frequently rising, it is best to trim them regularly. The thought behind this treatment is straightforward; when the nails are quick, you’ll don’t have anything to chunk. You must also easy them out with an emery board after which apply nail filler on the perimeters. Make sure that the nails don’t have any sharp corners that may tempt you to chunk. This treatment requires that you simply maintain some clippers in your bag. Moreover stopping the biting behavior, your nails will look neat and tidy.

3. Bitter Gourd Juice (Bitter Melon)

Bitter gourd is broadly cultivated in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. It has a bitter style which provides you a ‘yuck’ face if you attempt to chunk the fingers. It would deter you from biting your nails, particularly when sleeping. Merely extract the juice and apply it in your nails. Because it’s a pure herb, it can be utilized by kids to cease the behavior.

4. Common Manicure

An expert manicurist will give your nails a special texture or shade. It is best to have your nails painted such that you simply need to make them look stunning. Add some patterns and décor like jewels. Generally the price of the manicure can deter you from biting them. You may additionally need to end your manicure with a shellac polish or gel colours to encourage your nails to develop. Regardless of how quick your nails are, maintain them neat and well-manicured.

5. Neem Oil

Moreover its bitter style, neem oil has antiseptic qualities which assist to push back infections and promotes the therapeutic of the cuticles. So, when you unconsciously put your fingers in your mouth, the oil would discourage you from biting them. To cease nail biting, put a cotton ball in pure natural neem oil, rub it in your nails and let it dry by itself.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has a spicy warmth style that may deter you from biting nails. Nevertheless, it’s a bit tough to make use of this treatment. It’s important to maintain it away out of your eyes and open pores and skin in any other case, it may possibly irritate. You’ll be able to both apply contemporary pepper across the nails or use ointments which have pepper as an ingredient. You shouldn’t use this treatment in your kids.

7. Garlic

Garlic has a powerful pungent style and aroma. It’s additionally a pure antibiotic, so it will curb any an infection and strengthen the nails. All you want is to crush a number of garlic cloves, apply the juice in your fingers after which wash off after a couple of minutes. That means, the lingering garlic style can be in your nails which assist you cease biting your fingernails. When you don’t have contemporary garlic, you should utilize garlic oil.

8. Nail Biting Polish

The anti-nail biting polishes are available many varieties. They’re odorless and intensely bitter. Moreover, they include a particular formulation that makes the nails look contemporary and wholesome. It is best to go for dark-colored ones as a result of they appear dangerous after trying to chunk your nails. After all, the bitter style will assist you break the behavior. Earlier than you buy the nail-biting polish, be sure you verify the scores.

9. Put on Gloves

That is in all probability the only but efficient methodology to cease nail biting. Though this isn’t the most suitable choice throughout summer season months, it’s useful for youngsters. Most individuals chunk their fingers unconsciously which is hard to do when you’ve got your gloves on. These gloves work as a motivational software, so you may cease sporting them when you’re positive you’ve stopped the behavior. When you select skinny gloves, then the warmth wouldn’t be a problem.

10. Substitute Nail-Biting With A Good Behavior

We frequently chunk our nails after we’re depressed, harassed, or bored. To maintain your arms away from the mouth, maintain them busy by drawing, cooking, knitting, and crocheting. Attempt to interchange the ‘dangerous’ behavior with one thing that’s associated to your interest. You too can be sure to have one thing in your pocket to play with. The second your arms usually are not busy, you’re possible to return to your outdated methods. For kids, maintain their thoughts busy by supplying them with coloring supplies. Additionally, you gained’t chunk your nails when you’ve got a chewing gum in your mouth. It’s an excellent trick to maintain your mouth busy.

11. Don’t Pay Consideration When Your Youngster Is Biting Nails

Most kids chunk the nails after they need to get their dad and mom’ consideration. Merely keep away from giving your children undue consideration or commenting on their conduct. Nevertheless, you may solely use this treatment as soon as the kid realizes that biting could make the nails ugly.

12. Cowl Your Nails With An Adhesive Bandage

To cease nail biting, wrap a bandage across the fingertips as your subsequent trend development. It is best to use the adhesive bandage through the day after which take away it at night time. Be sure to use a contemporary bandage every day, particularly after having a shower. Since bandaged nails usually are not engaging, that’s a motivator to cease nail biting. This methodology might take you a minimum of three months to interrupt the behavior, so it’s important to be affected person. You might need to begin with one nail earlier than you proceed to others.

13. Get Assist From Mates

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for assist from your mates or kinfolk. Allow them to warn you the second you begin chewing your nails. And when you handle to develop your nails with out biting them, don’t be afraid to indicate off. You too can take some photographs of your new nails. It’s additionally a good suggestion to hitch a social group the place persons are attempting to cease the behavior. This methodology will give 95% likelihood to interrupt the vice.

14. Establish The Triggers

Take a second and analyze what makes you chunk your nails. The commonest triggers embody stress, anxiousness, and tedium. After understanding what triggers your nail biting, take actions to curtail the triggers. Be sure to’re extra relaxed by taking deep breaths or meditating for a second. For kids, concern can contribute to the behavior so you need to be aware of their conduct. Simply by understanding what makes you chunk your nails, the issue is half solved.

15. Preserve A Wholesome Food regimen Plan

Lack of magnesium and calcium can contribute to nail-biting. To revive these important minerals, it is best to devour complete grains, liver, soy, asparagus, onions, garlic, cucumbers, grapes, salmon, and inexperienced leafy greens. Moreover, eat meals wealthy in proteins to hurry up the nail development. A nutritious diet will even assist to maintain your nails shiny and pliable.

16. Have A Nail File Close by

Every time you end up biting nails, it is best to file them. You have to pay particular consideration to corners by guaranteeing there are not any sharp edges. Once you maintain a nail file in your purse or workplace desk, you may simply repair a tear in your nail. If the nails are in nice form, it is best to give attention to find out how to maintain them that means. This treatment requires self-discipline and a willingness to cease the behavior. In any other case, it gained’t work.

17. White Vinegar

White vinegar has an acrid style which is able to instantly warn you if you begin biting the nails. Simply soak your nails in vinegar and permit them to dry naturally. Though it could not supply any well being profit, it should assist to interrupt the unhealthy behavior. The bitter style is innocent to toddlers. You may additionally need to purchase nail merchandise that include white vinegar as an ingredient.

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