Cartoon And Pop-Culture Characters Turn My Sons Food Into Healthy Meals – Take A Look

I am Laleh and I am 35. I have a child Jacob (6) and a little girl Charlie (19 months old). In May 2015, I transformed my child’s spelt flapjacks into just a tad of fun and he cherished it! Like clockwork he would inquire as to whether I could make him a person from a film, book or toy that he had seen. Jacob and I would get inventive in the kitchen and talk about the fixings that we were utilizing and the advantages. For instance, when he was 3, we would discuss how Kale was a superfood. He would inquire as to why, and I would say ‘in light of the fact that superheroes love eating it’ – that was a champ for him!

I began posting our manifestations on my own Facebook page and had such a positive reaction that I figured I would make an Instagram record to move different guardians to get imaginative in the kitchen.

Inside a month our page circulated around the web and acquired media consideration from everywhere the world with media inclusion from Time Magazine, Huffington Post, The Today Show USA, The Today Show Australia, Sunrise, ABC TV, Disney Channel Australia, and yell outs from superstars, like Martha Stewart and Ashton Kutcher to give some examples. Ellen DeGeneres has even shared a fine art that I made of her on her show!

Inside the most recent two years, we have been fortunate enough to work for certain astounding organizations including Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, Barcelona FC, Jamie Oliver, twentieth Century Fox to give some examples.

We could never ever have believed that our little kitchen manifestations would transform into a full-time business however we love each moment of it!

We love to utilize new, solid produce and no refined sugar or additives. Every one of our manifestations are colored utilizing vegetables and normal powders like initiated charcoal.

Micky & Friends


Bob Minion

The Grinch


Daisy Duck

Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon


King Triton

Snoop Dogg

Carl & Ellie

Baby Yoda

Hei Hei From “Moana”

Lady And The Tramp

Carnage From Venom

Bing Bong From Inside Out

Anger, Joy, Disgust

Dobby From Harry Potter

Carl Fredrickson

Amy Winehouse

Vanellope Von Schweetz From “Wreck It Ralph”

Ursula From The Little Mermaid


Giulia From Luca

Dylan And Dolly

Mike Wazowski From Monsters Inc

Scar From The Lion King

Cruella De Vil From “101 Dalmatians”

Sadness From “Inside Out”

Mama Coco