Animals Vs Humans – Who Do Yoga Better ?

Yoga is certainly a thing at this moment. That is to say, people as well as creatures are getting their namaste on! What’s more, I should say, some of the time creatures show improvement over people. Try not to trust me? rundown of lovable creatures doing yoga beneath. You might even take in something from them.

Who needs a yoga instructor when you can gain from adorable creatures, correct?

I Have A Tiny Turtle That Likes To Do Yoga

Rabbits Junior And Mr. Walker Famous For Their Handstand

This Yorkie Learns Fast

Impressive Pose, Duck

Yoga Bond

Matt Heafy Has A Dog Who Likes Yoga Too

Watch And Learn

Purrrfect Handstand, Kitten

Namaste Pup

I Am So At One With My Mind And Body Right Now

Maybe Some Pilates?

Acro Yogis

A Typical Thursday Night. Yoga With Dog

A Flexible Little Chipmunk Practices Her Yoga Moves

Proud To Be A Yoga Master

 Guinea Pig Takes Yoga Ball Workout To The Next Level

Dave Doing Upward Extended Feet Pose

Otter Stretching Out

Seal Knows How Gate Yoga Pose Is Done

Time For A Little Sunday Morning Yoga Session, Brought To You By Kit

So, Animals Doing Yoga Is A Thing Now?

You mean like this, human?

Border Collies Holly And Ace Join Alongside Their Owner For Some Evening Yoga Exercises

Bubba And Josh Stretching

Yoga Bear

Some Serious Stretching

Yoga With Sea Lion

Judy Practices Yoga On Her Mat

Cobra Pose

How High Can You Stretch Your Paws? – Sky High

My Dog Recently Picked Up Yoga

Pug Splits

My Husband And Our Cat Doing Yoga. Or Maybe Our Cat Thinking That My Husband Is Bowing Down To Him

Kitty Yoga


 Yoga Is For Everybody

 Just My Cat Doing Yoga

Watch And Learn

Man Ray Doing Handstand Yoga Pose

Polar Bear Plank